Coworking in Maribor.

We're a community of freelancers, remoters, and entrepreneurs vibing in a shared space.

Join us in Maribor

We offer a cool shared space, a kitchenette, a Meeting/Zoom Room™️, a high-speed internet connection, and a drip coffee maker.

But beyond these niceties, we're about building a community, creating together, helping each other, and having a blast.

Our space is member-managed, so don't expect a valet. Each member has access 24/7.

The current monthly membership fee is 100€.

Why join?

1. Be a part of a creative community that supports each other and helps out.

Have a space to do your thing that isn't your bedroom or kitchen.

Amazing collaborations and co-creations.

4. Not going crazy from all the isolation.


Our supporters

This venture wouldn't have been possible without the inspiration, support, and encouragement of Jose Antonio Morales, the founder
of Aurora Coworking & Aurora Coworking Network

Also, a big thank you to 3fs for supporting us.